Sunday, 10 March 2013

Some things I'm learning from other languages

This month I'm determined to learn new languages, and in spite of the fact that I'm still in love with Groovy I've decided to give Clojure and Scala a try.

I'm doing this entry because while reading the for-comprehensions in both Scala and Clojure I realized we don't have that feature in Groovy...yet. 

After googling a little bit, I found Stream, a framework created by Tim Yates. This project "is a library for Groovy that lets you create lazy Iterators (or streams) based on Iterators, Collections, Maps, Iterables or other Streams".

Thanks to Stream I was able to create some similar code to what I've seen in Scala in just a few minutes. I've just touched the surface but Stream looks amazing, specially if you have to deal with data generation.

Apart from the for-comprehension, a couple of weeks ago I read some tweet talking about how nice would be to have an "unless" conditional in Groovy. Well I did my own example using Categories.

Here's the code for both (GroovyConsole script) :

@Grab( 'com.bloidonia:groovy-stream:0.5.2' )

class Condition{
    def static unless(Object o,Boolean condition,Closure cl){

def loop(generators,Closure cl){

use (Condition){
    loop(car:["Ferrari","Aston Martin","Seat"], color:["red","blue","silver"]){next->
        unless(next.color == "blue"){
            println "I like $next.color ${}s"

And the output

Bottom line: The more I learn about other languages the more I enjoy Groovy... and other languages as well ;-)

BTW If you have to work with Groovy,Scala and Clojure I'd recommend you to use Gradle.

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