Friday, 10 February 2012

SwingBuilder Series: Layouts - BoxLayout

java.awt.BoxLayout allows multiple components to be laid out either vertically or horizontally. The SwingBuilder node for using de BoxLayout is boxLayout() . It is used the same as borderLayout() node was. You can declare the layout node, and then you can start adding components.

However each time you declare a new boxLayout() node, you should tell the layout what the components' direction is going to be: vertical or horizontal

There is a shortcut for using BorderLayout easier, java.awt.Box which is a container with a BoxLayout layout. There're two variants of the box() node: vbox(
) and hbox() for arranging component vertically or horizontally respectively.

These last two nodes are more popular for doing quick prototyping like the following sample:
import java.awt.BorderLayout as BL
import java.awt.Dimension
panel(preferredSize:new Dimension(500,200)){
comboBox(id:'language',preferredSize:new Dimension(125,0))

This code looks like this:


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